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All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

3rd Annual Halloween Psychic Fair!

Location:  Hyatt House, 830 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT - Click for Map
Date/Time:  Sunday, October 28, 2012 - 10AM - 6PM

Spirit Circle 6:30PM - 8:30PM CLICK HERE for information and registration

Intuitive / Psychic Readers:

Karen Cote - Castings, Crystallomancy & More

Karen owns/operates The Well Sanctuary, LLC.  She is a Shamanic Minister of The Circle of the Sacred Earth, an animal communicator, certified hypnotherapist, Shinpiden Level Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Emei Qigong practitioner, Shr Jye, member of CHHA, IARP, American Board of Hypnotherapists, International Chinese Boxing Association, B.S. in Education from SCSU and is certified for Hospice through the Twilight Brigaide.  Karen was recently spotlighted on TV WFSB "Better Connecticut."  Karen has been published several times in "The Door Opener" magazine. 

At this fair, Karen will use a variety of Divination tools such as Celtic Wisdom Tarot, Shamanic Castings, Celtic Castings, Psychometry, Mediumship, Channeling, Animal Communication (client must have a photo of the pet), Crystallomancy, Geomancy, and Skrying.  As a Shamanic minister and practitioner, Karen is able to expand her consciousness in order to connect to the spirits of the land, plants, animals, the dead and our spirit guides to garner information to bring "clarity" and "healing". These are all "threads" that weave together our multidimensional worlds into one "tapestry." Divination is all about giving clarity and direction when our life is unclear. Much like turning the light on in a darkened room, Divination will shine a light on our path.

Contact Karen HERE

Keri Uihlein - Angel / Intuitive Readings

A gifted clairvoyant from an early age, Keri uses her clairaudience and clairsentience during her intuitive readings.  Oracle/Angel cards are a tool used to help deliver any guidance or messages that are important for you to hear at this time.  Any divine messages are always treated with great respect and given as soon as they are received, whether it is from an angel, spirit guide or loved one who has crossed.  Keri is always willing to help people no matter where on life’s journey they are; Come sit and have an insightful and fun reading!

Keri is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and in addition to readings she offers Reiki/sound/crystal healings as well as various workshops throughout the year. 

Facebook: The Healing Loft   

Jessie - Spirit Guide Drawings

Jessie is a 3rd generation gifted clairvoyant who uses her gift of second sight to view the spirits around you and uses her artistic gifts to draw them for you.  She has been utilizing her gift for over 25 years, and it is constantly evolving... she now also passes along information from the animal kingdom, crystal kingdom, past lives, color energies, and more! See her FLYER for more info.


Karn Pini - Intuitive Card Readings

Karn can focus your reading around a specific area of your life or give you an overview of what's to come. She will do this using Psycards and/or with her gift of clairvoyance. Karn has over 14 years of experience as a professional reader and will deliver your messages to you with the kindness you deserve.

Karn was born as a clairvoyant with an innate ability to communicate with loved ones in spirit. Her gifts were not understood by those around her at a young age, so they laid as buried as any true gift can for many years. But they were not to be kept down and Karn was in for quite the journey, one she draws on frequently when facilitating her Psychic & Intuitive Development Class. She has honed her own abilities by studying with some of the most famous psychic mediums of our times. Karn delights in doing animal communications, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki II Practitioner, and a Certified Healer, having graduated from the Connecticut Healing Institute where she was also a student teacher.

Rachel - Animal Communication, Tarot

Rachel can do either a specialized session of animal communication, angel communication, mediumship, intuitive readings or Tarot (or a blend of these types).  She is inspired by clients who want to move forward and want guidance or direction.  She has 14 years of experience as a professional reader and prefers that you come with questions so she can jump right to the things that are most important to you. 



Barbara Scofield - Astrological & Intuitive Tarot

Barbara has over 40 years as a trusted reader under her belt.  She has designed her own deck to be used with the Astrological Tarot Spread.  Her psychic experiences started as a very young child and have continued throughout her life - at the tender age of two and a half, her instincts saved her mother's life.  Since then she has learned to skillfully use a sense most others ignore.  Her curiosity keeps her psychic abilities very sharp and her ability to predict specific details is uncanny.  Her other experience includes graphology, psychometry, dowsing, and past life reading. 

Barbara appeared regularly on the TV show "Mindscapes" in its beginning as well as co-hosted for over six years.  She also co-produced "Taking the Super out of Supernatural" Parts 1 and 2 for Cable Five in Litchfield, CT.

Phone:  860-945-7473

Kelly Twowolves - Intuitive Readings, Native American Crafts, Healing Sessions

Kelly is a nationally renowned Psychic Reader and Spiritual Counselor. Her accomplishments include: Holistic Practitioner; Reiki Master/Teacher; D.E.T. Facilitator (Direct Energy Transference) ; C.N.A. Certified Nurses Assistant; Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church; and Accomplished artist, working in a variety of mediums. You can find Kelly's artwork on Facebook under 2WOLVES CREATIONS (link below).

Being of mixed-blood decent, Kelly follows the path her Ancestors laid before her in a Traditional Lakota manner, adhering to the principals, traditions, and ceremonies of the people. Kelly was born and raised away from her Native culture in Connecticut, after having a Spiritual awakening in 1996 her life took an amazing turn resulting in her returning to the people and ways of the Lakota. She moved to South Dakota to be closer to the People and to learn the ways from those who still followed tradition. She currently resides in The Sacred Black Hills (Paha Sapa) of South Dakota, where she continues her education, tradition, and Spiritual path. Being a Student and Teacher she welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge, journey and understanding to those who are interested.

Kelly will be offering readings at the Halloween Psychic Fair and she will also have a vendor table stocked with great products!

Website:  Facebook - 2 Wolves Creations

Sharon Warner - Animal Communication, Tarot

Sharon is a Professional Psychic, Psychic Medium, and an Animal Communicator. I can communicate with Deceased Friends and Family Members, Pets (alive or deceased), Angels, Spirit Guides, and other Beings of the Light. I connect with your energy and work with your “spiritual team” to help gain perspective on relationships, career, and other important aspects of your life. I receive practical, straight forward yet loving and supportive messages. I love the psychic gifts I have been given and I want to help you with your personal and/or pet questions.

Phone: 203-265-1234


Kelly Twowolves - Native American Crafts - see above

Pat Neilson - Jewelry

Pat and her trusty helper/husband, Mike, will be at the fair vending a wide array of handmade jewelry.  They have beautiful pieces that rival what you might find in a department store, but at VERY reasonable prices.  

Dipped In Moonlight & Chi for Healing- Metaphysical Art / Crystal Grids

Dipped in Moonlight Studios offers Metaphysical Art & Accessories to assist with molecular alignment. Carrie is a metaphysical artist that combines the healing power of sacred geometry and crystals to create powerful Sacred Crystal Healing Grids. These channeled grids help to energize, clear, and improve the feng shui of your home and everyday life.

Chi for Healing with Erik Harris will also be here offering healing artisan tea blends.


A Healing Hand - Crystals, Pendulums & More

AHH will be offering vending a wide variety of crystals at the event.  Swing by and see what new items we have in inventory, and stock up on tumbled stones for yourself and your friends or loved ones!  Make friends with a handy-dandy pendulum and learn how it can assist with simple divination and healing!


Beverly Borucki-Becker - Artwork

Beverly comes from a long line of fine artist, graphic artist, designers, culinary artists, and animal lovers.   

She attended Columbus College of Art & Design and finished her degree at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.  Over the years she has used her art talents in retail, teaching, and is currently a member of the Valley Arts Council, and displays her artwork at Gallery@37 in Derby, CT. 

Her specialty is acrylic pet portraits, but she also does a variety of mediums and other subjects such as Fantasy, Wild Life, Spiritual, and Holiday Themes.  She will have for sale a variety of paintings, as as well as taking orders for your own individual pet portraits so bring your photos!

Jessica Sochor - Mandala Artwork

I started drawing mandalas about 20 years ago, not knowing they were a form of sacred geometry - I simply enjoyed the colors and patterns and how the designs unfolded.  After a 10 year hiatus from drawing, I have been "drawn" back in to creating mandalas. 

The first in this series is the answer I received when I asked the infinite for a way to help my young cousin, who was battling terminal cancer.  I wanted to remind him of the part of him that is infinite - and to provide him with a soothing focal point.  He LOVED it - and got the message quite clearly.  Since then, the designs have been coming to me rapidly and with strong energy. 

I have opened a shop on Etsy, and have participated in art shows / craft fairs.  The reaction to the designs has been strong and emotional.  I've lost my cousin to cancer this past September, and I carry on in his honor, as I have seen the positive impact this work has and I know he wants me to live up to my greatest potential - to remain open, so that I may serve. 


Lisa DeMayo - Partylite Consultant

Lisa will be at the Halloween Psychic Fair offering a wide variety of candles and home decor, as well as a small line of food - Two Sisters Gourmet - also offered by Partylite.



Trisha Leigh Shufelt - Mythical Fantasy Artist

Trisha Leigh Shufelt is a self-taught mythical fantasy artist. Her subjects include fairy tale themes, nature, gothic, spiritual, and elemental. She works in a variety of mediums, which includes watercolor pencil and paint, acrylic paint, graphite pencil, ink and digital painting. She sculpts whimsical mushroom characters from polymer clay. She is also a jewelry designer, having created pieces used in music videos. Trisha’s art has sold around the world, been featured in several US and European magazines, as well as showcased at the Fun House Art Gallery in Detroit. Her primary focus is to convey messages she receives from dreams and nature through her artistic endeavors.




Margaret Taylor, LMT- Chair Massage, Reiki

Margaret earned her college degree as a Health and Sciences Educator, and has worked for 31 years with adults with disabilities and special needs.  Her interest in natural health peaked when she and her son experienced serious health issues.  She believed that the holistic approach held more answers to addressing and healing disease. 

She became a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist to expand her skills.  Her training and experience, combined with strong intuitive abilities, allow Margaret to offer a unique approach to guiding others to improve their overall wellness. 

Margaret has been called a "Light Worker" and an "Earth Angel". She is an ordained Spiritual Minister. Her strengths are as a Psychic Empath and Health Intuitive.

Offerings at the fair will include: Therapeutic Chair Massage, Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, and Reiki sessions.  Some unique metaphysical retail items will be available, including Chakra Balancing Kits, Chakra Bead bracelets, as well as books.

MeetUp Group:    CLICK HERE

Elizabeth Aleksinas - Intuitive Reflexology - "Sole Readings"

Elizabeth D. Aleksinas (RYT, AFAA Facial Reflexologist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher) has the ability to read soles... as in the soles of your feet!  She does this through touch and intuition, and can tell the story of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  By applying pressure and sacred oils to the feet, healing on all levels begins.  A truly blissful and "heeling" treatment!

Phone:  860-567-0219

Door Prizes:

1 x Signed Print from Trisha Leigh Shufelt, Mythical Fantasy Artist
1 x 30-minute Divination Session with Karen Cote
1 x 30-minute Drawing/Reading with Jessie, Spirit Guide Artist
1 x 15-minute Tarot Reading (via Telephone) with Sally Russo
1 x 2x2 or 3x5 painting from Beverly Borucki-Becker
1 x Jewelry Item from Pat & Mike Neilson
1 x $20 gift card toward any framed Crystal Grid by Dipped in Moonlight
1 x $20 gift card toward a 60-minute healing session with Erik Harris at Chi for Healing (West Hartford, CT)
1 x 60-minute reflexology session with Elizabeth Aleksinas of Bramasole Wellness Center
1 x 45-minute Astrological Tarot Reading (via telephone) with Barbara Scofield

NOTE:  Most people who have donated readings/services would be more than happy to apply the door prize as a discount toward a longer session - ask them for details if you are the lucky winner!