~~ Day of Healing ~~

Join us for a Day of Healing, Learning & Empowerment

Location:  Hyatt House, 830 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT - Click for Map
Date/Time:  Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 9AM - 8PM

This day is dedicated to offering workshops that will expand your horizons and give you an introduction into the world of the healing arts.  While not in a workshop, please check out our Vendors, Healers and Readers that will be on the other side of the partitioned room!  There is no fee to visit the vendor section of the event.  Scroll down for details!


Workshop Schedule

All 7 workshops are 90 minutes.  There is a half hour lunch break from 12- 12:30pm.
Click the workshop titles for descriptions and details (Not all descriptions are up yet, please check back soon!).

Start Time Instructor Workshop Title
9:00AM Andrew Neblett Intro to EFT and Energy Psychology/Medicine
10:30AM Karen Cote Intro to Shamanism & Shamanic Healing
12:30PM Keri Uihlein Intro to Healing Meditation & Archangel Raphael Guided Meditation
2:00PM Deana Paqua Intro to Crystal Healing
3:30PM Rachel Practical Intuition
5:00PM Sara Thornton Practical Intro to Healing with Herbs
6:30PM Tim Bshara Your Aura, Chakras & Energy (Each attendee gets aura photo!)

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Workshop Registration Fees

# of Workshops   In Advance At the Door
1 $25 $30
2 $45 $55
3 $65 $80
Full Day Pass = Access to all 7* $140 $170
Full Day Pass + Bring a Friend** $270 $330
* Comes with a $20 Voucher that can be spent with Vendors at this event
** Comes with 2x $20 Vouchers that can be spent with Vendors at this event

***Disclaimer: All workshops are for informational and entertainment purposes.  Information provided on health and healing does not and should not take the place of professional medical opinions.  Opinions expressed by presenters or vendors are solely those of the individuals and not necessarily those of A Healing Hand.



Dipped In Moonlight - Metaphysical Art / Crystal Grids

Dipped in Moonlight Studios offers Metaphysical Art & Accessories to assist with molecular alignment. Carrie is a metaphysical artist that combines the healing power of sacred geometry and crystals to create powerful Sacred Crystal Healing Grids. These channeled grids help to energize, clear, and improve the feng shui of your home and everyday life.

Website:  http://www.feathermedicine.etsy.com

Keri Uihlein - Angel / Intuitive Readings

A gifted clairvoyant from an early age, Keri uses her clairaudience and clairsentience during her intuitive readings.  Oracle/Angel cards are a tool used to help deliver any guidance or messages that are important for you to hear at this time.  Any divine messages are always treated with great respect and given as soon as they are received, whether it is from an angel, spirit guide or loved one who has crossed.  Keri is always willing to help people no matter where on life’s journey they are; Come sit and have an insightful and fun reading!

Keri is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and in addition to readings she offers Reiki/sound/crystal healings as well as various workshops throughout the year. 

Facebook: The Healing Loft    Email: delphioracle@comcast.net

Deana Paqua, MA, LMT - Energy Balancing

Deana Paqua is a licensed massage therapist, energy healer and shamanic healer and practitioner.  Deana discovered energy healing and shamanic practices over 13 years ago to aid in her own recovery from a serious car accident.  She is very grateful to offer all that she has learned to help others empower themselves to heal and transform their lives.  Offerings:

Energy Balancing - for pain relief, emotional balance, peace of mind - a relaxing hands-on healing session
Power Animal Healing - gain an ally for greater self-healing, awareness, and empowerment
Crystal Skull Healings - for greater spiritual awareness
Retail - some crystals, stones and jewelry may be available for sale

Website: http://www.embodythesacred.net
Email: deana.paqua@gmail.com


Rachel - Animal Communication, Tarot

Rachel can do either a specialized session of animal communication, angel communication, mediumship, intuitive readings or Tarot (or a blend of these types).  She is inspired by clients who want to move forward and want guidance or direction.  Rachel will be using a Halloween Tarot Deck to do readings at this fair.  She has 14 years of experience as a professional reader and prefers that you come with questions so she can jump right to the things that are most important to you. 

Website:  http://www.ravenswhisper.com



A Healing Hand - Aura Photography, Sound Healing & Reiki Sessions

AHH will be offering Aura Photography, Reiki/Sound Healing Sessions, and vending a wide variety of crystals at the event.  Swing by and see what new items we have in inventory, and stock up on tumbled stones for yourself and your friends or loved ones!  Make friends with a handy-dandy pendulum and learn how it can assist with simple divination and healing!



Sally Russo - Intuitive Tarot & Spirit Photography & Reiki

Sally, an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, with years of experience providing her clients with an exceptional level of clarity, awareness, and keen insight. A powerful and useful tool for reflection of emotions and thoughts to the questions at hand.

She also provides insight with Spirit Photography Readings as guests or loved ones from the spirit world may appear in our photos as orbs and images. By reading the photograph she provides validation of these signs and symbols reminding us that the spirit world is and always will be around us. If you want this type of reading - don't forget to bring your photos to the fair!

Reiki – “universal life force energy” A holistic, alternative therapy believed to be beneficial for overall health, promote well being and reduce stress. Sally is a Hospice trained Reiki volunteer at Hospice of Branford.


Margaret Taylor, LMT- Chair Massage & Reiki

Margaret earned her college degree as a Health and Sciences Educator, and has worked for 31 years with adults with disabilities and special needs.  Her interest in natural health peaked when she and her son experienced serious health issues.  She believed that the holistic approach held more answers to addressing and healing disease. 

She became a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist to expand her skills.  Her training and experience, combined with strong intuitive abilities, allow Margaret to offer a unique approach to guiding others to improve their overall wellness. 

Margaret has been called a "Light Worker" and an "Earth Angel". She is an ordained Spiritual Minister. Her strengths are as a Psychic Empath and Health Intuitive. She will be offering unique Charm Casting Intuitive Readings. The person holds a variety of charms and gem stones in their hands to imprint their energy on them. Margaret connects with the person using Reiki healing energy. The person then casts the charms onto an Intuitive Board. Margaret reads the board and interprets the symbols as they relate to the person. Angel cards may also be included to add more detail or to address a specific question. Readings will be $1 per minute with a minimum of 15 minutes for $15.

Offerings at the fair will include:  Charm Casting Intuitive Readings, Therapeutic Chair Massage, Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, and Reiki sessions.  Some unique metaphysical retail items will be available, including Chakra Balancing Kits, Chakra Bead bracelets, as well as books.

Website: http://www.intuitivetouchhealingarts.com
Email:  margaret@intuitivetouchhealingarts.com
MeetUp Group:    CLICK HERE

Andrew Neblett - Intuitive Tarot & Hypnosis

Andrew will be available for Tarot readings after his workshop, and will also be offering Hypnosis sessions as time permits.  With decades of metaphysical work under his belt, a session with Andrew tends to be holistic - if you come to him for a Tarot session you may, after your reading, end up learning about a healing modality or some exciting New Age topic.  He has also been studying hypnosis for many years, both clinically and for state performance.