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Door Prizes

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All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Valentine's Psychic Fair

Location:  Hyatt House, 830 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT - Click for Map
Date/Time:  Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 10AM - 6PM

Spirit Circle 6:30PM - 8:30PM CLICK HERE for information and registration

Intuitive / Psychic Readers:

Jessie - Spirit Guide Drawings

Jessie is a 3rd generation gifted clairvoyant who uses her gift of second sight to view the spirits around you and uses her artistic gifts to draw them for you.  She has been utilizing her gift for over 25 years, and it is constantly evolving... she now also passes along information from the animal kingdom, crystal kingdom, past lives, color energies, and more! See her FLYER for more info.


Keri Uihlein - Angel / Intuitive Readings

A gifted clairvoyant from an early age, Keri is a Certified Angel Reader/Channeler who offers intuitive readings with messages from your Angels.  She delivers all divine messages no matter from an Angel, Spirit Guide, or Loved One who has crossed.  She also has the ability to 'hear' divine messages, so please come with questions!  Keri is always willing to help people no matter where on life’s journey they are; Come sit and have an insightful and fun reading! 

Keri is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and in addition to readings she offers Reiki/sound/crystal healing sessions, various workshops on mediumship, crystals, meditation and more.  Keri is always available for online, phone or house party readings - inquire with Keri for more information.   

Like her on Facebook: The Healing Loft   
Phone:  203-506-8822

Barbara DeLong - Jewel Castings, Medium

Barbara has been on the scene for over 20 years, counting among her accolades "internationally known psychic, lecturer, artist, and ordained Minister." You can read more of her story at her website, including how she developed The Cosmic Deck of Initiation, her mandala based set of oracle cards.  A reading typically covers a year’s time and reflects all aspects of your life and spiritual quests. Barbara's readings are unique in that they can help you during times of stress by giving you ways to move forward, and they also provide insight into your relationship with your internal and external realities.  For Barbara's full bio, click here.

Barbara will also be hosting the Psychic Medium Spirit Circle after the fair, from 6:30PM to 8PM.  Click here for details.

Radio Show:
Facebook Page:


Kelly Twowolves - Intuitive Readings, Native American Crafts, Healing Sessions

Kelly is a nationally renowned Psychic Reader and Spiritual Counselor. Her accomplishments include: Holistic Practitioner; Reiki Master/Teacher; D.E.T. Facilitator (Direct Energy Transference) ; C.N.A. Certified Nurses Assistant; Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church; and Accomplished artist, working in a variety of mediums. You can find Kelly's artwork on Facebook under 2WOLVES CREATIONS (link below).

Being of mixed-blood decent, Kelly follows the path her Ancestors laid before her in a Traditional Lakota manner, adhering to the principals, traditions, and ceremonies of the people. Kelly was born and raised away from her Native culture in Connecticut, after having a Spiritual awakening in 1996 her life took an amazing turn resulting in her returning to the people and ways of the Lakota. She moved to South Dakota to be closer to the People and to learn the ways from those who still followed tradition. She currently resides in The Sacred Black Hills (Paha Sapa) of South Dakota, where she continues her education, tradition, and Spiritual path. Being a Student and Teacher she welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge, journey and understanding to those who are interested.

Kelly will be offering readings at the Psychic Fair and she will also have a vendor table stocked with great products!

Website:  Facebook - 2 Wolves Creations

Betsy-Ann of After Midnight Creations - Intuitive Readings (Gypsy Witch Cards)

The Gypsy cards tend to give the information that you NEED rather than answer a question you may have. In fact, it is best to clear your mind while shuffling the cards, rather than think about a specific question or issue. The deck itself is more closely related to a playing card deck than a Tarot deck, and is not commonly seen at most psychic fairs. Betsy-ann has been reading “Gypsy Witch Cards” since she was 16. Her readings come about through a combination of intuitive interpretation of the cards, her Guides’ messages, and Spirit contact. Even she never knows quite who will show up to assist in a reading, but her goal is to help her clients take a peek into what their path looks like at this moment in time, were nothing to change. She emphasizes that the reading will only show “where things are currently headed”. She feels very strongly that “Nothing is written in stone – we all have Free Will to change our path and make new choices”. Come experience this unique reading style and see the Gypsy cards in action!

Betsy-ann has been reading “Gypsy Witch Cards” since she was 16. She has also been certified as an Usui Reiki Master Practitioner since 2010, and received her Kundalini Reiki Master certification in 2012. Her business, After Midnight Creations, began as a greeting card and calligraphy endeavor in Betsy’s college days. Today, Betsy is also a ‘coaching partner’, Interior Decorating consultant, teacher, visual artist, mom, & wife. She currently lives and works from her home in Seymour, CT. She believes she is always 'placed' where she needs to be, and counts Lynn Grabhorn and Bernie Siegel as inspirations/influences. Her early religious background is Jewish (with a little "mystic") but also considers life to be a life-long learning adventure. Betsy's focus has been on reading cards, remote viewing, teaching young people about the Metaphysical, helping others, and listening to the deeper world around us. She is also an avid singer & Board member of Greater NH Community Chorus.


Barbara Scofield - Astrological & Intuitive Tarot

A reading with Barbara will normally cover the next 12 months, unless asked to go further.  Her readings are done with the cards that she designed to use especially with the Astrological Spread for enhanced accuracy.  She can cover past lives if the client is interested and asks up front for this information.  She will also pass along messages from departed loved ones only if asked to do so. 

Barbara has close to 50 years as a trusted reader under her belt.  Her psychic experiences started as a very young child and have continued throughout her life - at the tender age of two and a half, her instincts saved her mother's life.  Since then she has learned to skillfully use a sense most others ignore.  Her curiosity keeps her psychic abilities very sharp and her ability to predict specific details is uncanny.  Her other experience includes graphology, psychometry, dowsing, and past life reading. 

Barbara appeared regularly on the TV show "Mindscapes" in its beginning as well as co-hosted for over six years.  She also co-produced "Taking the Super out of Supernatural" Parts 1 and 2 for Cable Five in Litchfield, CT.

Phone:  860-945-7473

Rachel - Animal Communication, Tarot

When you sit with Rachel the session starts right away as she’s always picking up information from your energy. While she is skilled at the tarot cards, she reads in layers. She hears messages from Spirit, Angels and deceased loved ones. She sees images from your guides. She telepathically receives information from your animals; living and deceased. Rachel will use a variety of modalities in your reading from medium -ship, telepathy, remote viewing and precognition. She is particularly gifted at finding lost items.

To be curious and unsettled in some area of life is common so come with questions as Rachel likes to jump right into your session. She utilizes her strong coaching background and the Law of Attraction in her readings to help you move forward in places that feel stuck.

Rachel has 17 years experience reading professionally and has read in a variety of settings from public to private. Her clientele spans the globe, she reads regularly for celebrities and works often for Law Enforcement. She travels, speaks and teaches internationally.




Jessica Sochor - Mandala Artwork

I started drawing a series of mandalas as a way to help my cousin, diagnosed with terminal cancer, to remember his infinite self.  The designs are spiritually inspired and express the dance between our earthly, human selves - and our connection to the creative, eternal energy within.

I have participated in several spiritual fairs, and my designs were showcased in the "Radiate" event in Hartford, August 2012, hosted by "Raw: Natural Born Artists".

Also, visit Jessica's shop on ETSY, which is a great website for unique, original, handcrafted gift items!

Kelly Twowolves - Native American Crafts - see above

A Healing Hand - Crystals, Pendulums & More

AHH will be offering vending a wide variety of crystals at the event.  Swing by and see what new items we have in inventory, and stock up on tumbled stones for yourself and your friends or loved ones!  We are adding new inventory all the time so come see what's new.

Make friends with a handy-dandy pendulum and learn how it can assist with simple divination and healing!

AHH is also stocking a selection of New Age & Spiritual books, so come check out our recommended reading list!

Cheryl Yeager - Bath/Body Products

Cheryl will be at the fair selling a complete range of fresh handmade bath and body products including foaming Sugar Scrubs - body Butters - artisan Perfume Oil and more - made by hand in small batches with quality ingredients, pure essential oils and attitude. Be Beautiful. Be Sexy. Be Spoiled.


Wendy Birchall - Earth Angel Design

Your angel has arrived at Earth Angel Design.  Discover the Archangel who oversees your birthday and the stone(s) that align with its energy.  Then shop for handmade jewelry, meditation and healing stone mixes, angel oracle cards and books, statues, pendulums, our handmade angel trees and so much more.  Receive a free Valentine's chocolate with every purchase.



Elizabeth Aleksinas - Intuitive Reflexology - "Sole Readings"

Elizabeth will be offering 20 minute intuitive reflexology sessions for $20.  Through intuition and gentle compression foot massage, she will be able to determine the client's state of health and well being.  Also, she has created a line of organic and natural spa products, which will be available for sale at the event.  Body Butter, Chocolate Body Butter, Healing Bath Salts, Anti-Aging Facial Serum, Honey Vanilla Sugar Scrub, Lavendar Body + Face Wash, and Lavendar Scented Dream Pillows!

Elizabeth D. Aleksinas (RYT, AFHA) is a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, Reiki Master Healer, Foot Reflexologist, and Facial Reflexologist! Stop by and visit!

Phone:  860-567-0219

Margaret Taylor, LMT- Chair Massage, Reiki

Margaret earned her college degree as a Health and Sciences Educator, and has worked for 31 years with adults with disabilities and special needs.  Her interest in natural health peaked when she and her son experienced serious health issues.  She believed that the holistic approach held more answers to addressing and healing disease. 

She became a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist to expand her skills.  Her training and experience, combined with strong intuitive abilities, allow Margaret to offer a unique approach to guiding others to improve their overall wellness. 

Margaret has been called a "Light Worker" and an "Earth Angel". She is an ordained Spiritual Minister. Her strengths are as a Psychic Empath and Health Intuitive.

Offerings at the fair will include: Therapeutic Chair Massage, Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, and Reiki sessions.  Some unique metaphysical retail items will be available, including Chakra Balancing Kits, Chakra Bead bracelets, as well as books.

MeetUp Group:    CLICK HERE

Barbara O'Neil - Higher Self Bodywork


Anam Cara Center's Barbara O'Neil will be offering her "Higher Self Bodywork" taster sessions.  Barbara psychically reads the energy of the gross and subtle bodies and aligns these to one's etheric/holographic template.  This is guided by exquisitely refined palpation skills ("ESP touch") and intense concentration to create a resonant field with the client.  The energy entrainment that takes place creates a coherent energy wave, and Barbara also employs hands-on technique such as decompression techniques found in craniosacral, lymphatic, visceral mobilization, zero balancing and sacred technology that she has much experience with that uniquely help to restore balance to the multidimensional facets of our Being.

Simply being held in the hands of this kind of intentionality is healing in and of itself.

My sessions are typically at least 90 min long and so these 20 minute tasters are an opportunity to receive a “dusting off” as I like to say, and to introduce you to my work of 20 years. $30 discounts will be offered to those who wish to purchase and schedule full sessions in my Seymour office.

Barbara's Bio:
I am a perennial student who humbly serves.
I have been in full time private practice for 20 years. My CT license is grounded in the art and science of therapeutic massage (CCMT) and continuing education in advanced craniosacral therapy and somato-emotional release (Upledger), manual lymphatic drainage (Chickly), reflexology (since age 12), visceral mobilization and ‘listening’ techniques (Barral), clinical aromatherapy (Buckles), and apprenticeships in the Ars Moriendi (Sacred Art of Dying) as an AnamCara and certified Spiritual Director, Shamanic Practitioner and Pachakuti Mesa Carrier (Heart of the Healer foundation), ICRT trained Reiki Master/Teacher (Levels to Karuna). I am also a long time student of Tibetan Buddhism and celebrate the spiritual festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year.
Immanaire! May it be for good!

MeetUp Group:  CLICK HERE 

Door Prizes:

1 x 30 minute energy balancing session with AHH
1 x 60-minute reading with Barbara DeLong
1 x 45 to 60 minute phone reading with Barbara Scofield
Bath/Body products from Spoiled, LLC
1 x 45 minute private reading with B
etsy Rosenberg
1 x phone reading with Jessie, Spirit Guide Artist

NOTE:  Most people who have donated readings/services would be more than happy to apply the door prize as a discount toward a longer session - ask them for details if you are the lucky winner!